Friday, September 25, 2009

Oh No!

My timer broke! I probably wore it out.
Yesterday I tackled the "red bathroom" - the one where the teenager lives. Not good.
3 hours (give or take a couple of minutes) later I had everything cleaned. I just have to sort through the cabinet and drawers. That could take another three hours.
And these arrived.
Little Tape Measures
Aren't they cute? They're going to be freebies with bigger store orders.
Today I'm going for a walk and coffee with a friend.
Then I'll come home and maybe finished cleaning said bathroom. Or sew.

(BTW Don't Look Now patterns are back in stock. For now. They're really popular. I'm happy to announce that I now carry all Kellie's quilt patterns.)

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  1. Sorry to hear about your timer. I guess you get to go find a new one. they come in all kinds of fun shapes now. Congrats on cleaning out the bathroom! Teenager spaces can be the worst. It sounds like most of us are enjoying some Fall cleaning.

    I love the little tins with the measuring tapes in them! I bought a few to tuck into gifts for my quilty friends. I stuck a magnet on the back of mine and hung it on the metal rail in my sewing room. No more digging for it in the drawer! How thoughtful of you to include such a thing in your larger orders!

    Enjoy your time out this morning!

  2. Love the pink tape measure! Will these also be for sale in your store, because I really need one!

  3. Those tins are so cute! I'd never roll the tape measure up though so would have use it for something else. I want one just for the little tin!

  4. Those little tape measure tins are adorable! I've never seen them before. Hope you got that bathroom finished. I can imagine a teenager's bathroom would be a lot to tackle!

  5. You are so funny. I always thought I was the only one with a junk drawer and who called my rooms by color--the blue bedroom, the red bathroom, etc. And washing baseboard. Thought if I told anyone I did that they would think I was nuts. The girl who helps me clean house just does a once over with her feather duster occasionally. Go girl! I am right behind you but not until January.

  6. You're SO funny -- you broke your timer! Time to take a break. Especially after cleaning a teen bathroom -- that deserves a whole week clean-free! Love those adorable little tape measures!

  7. those tape measures are CUTE, cute CUTE!!!