Thursday, June 11, 2009

Even not so pretty fabric...

...can sometimes turn into something cute.

I've had this fabric for years and years and my tastes have changed ever so slightly.
My mom mentioned that she needed some new aprons and asked if I had any fabric I wasn't planning on using.
Kitty Cat Apron
It was a fabric panel and some matching floral fabric.
I just traced one of my other aprons for the pattern.
The fabric was a little thin for an apron, so I lined it with Bella. This was actually much easier than trying to seam all the way around. I think I may line all future aprons.
I thought making the "strings" out of floral fabric may be a little much, so I chose Bella for those too. In orange.
And there you have it. Pretty out of not so pretty!


  1. How very cute! Isn't it funny how are tastes change as time passes. The apron is absolutely adorable, and since I've had this thing with orange lately, it confirms I'm not the only one going through an orange revival.

  2. Necessity <--> Mother of Invention

    I love when something comes of nothing, yet it's so something! Love the idea of lining the apron, it IS easier than folding over, folding over and stitching!! Add to that, an extra layer of protection from my own cooking disasters is always a plus!

    Thanks for sharing your creation. I'm sure your mom is tickled.


  3. bella to the rescue.
    man i love bella, i use her ALL the time.
    {and it's always the white...go figure.}

    i'm sure your mom will adore her new apron.

  4. Oh this is so fun...the cats are terrific.

  5. Adorable! The cats are hilarious!

  6. I've got some of that fabric in my stash...haven't got a clue why I bought it...or when I'll use it!

  7. Thank goodness our tastes change, eh? I think your cat fabric is really cute, but I have some fabric that I just have to say what the heck was I thinking?

    The apron is darling.

  8. oh my goodness! Adorable! would have hated that cat fabric as anything else but this makes it sooooo darn sweet!

  9. Funny, I have that same fabric in my stash and have been unsure what to do with it... Now I know! Fabulous!

  10. What a fun apron! I love it when you can make something useable and fun from a fabric you're not too crazy about anymore. I have some fabrics that I don't know what to do with anymore, so this is very inspiring. Great choices with the Bella too! Hope your mom loves it!

  11. That apron turned out just adorable Anina!

  12. Very cute Anina! Maybe I should send you the old "ugly" fabric that I don't know what to do with!

  13. i always find it interesting how you can take a fabric that you think you don't like and put it into a project that changes it completely.

  14. Maybe we should do a "not so pretty" swap? One woman's trash is another one's treasure!

  15. Love the apron!

    The crazy cat fabric was also one of the first I bought... I used some of it in my crazy cat quilt.

    It’s good to know our taste changes!

  16. Lovely! I have some of those cats, but in regular fabric, not a panel. I love them. I keep all kinds of fabric I hate just in case I teach a child to sew, I don't want them using my good stuff!

    As they say, if you cut up a fabric and it is still ugly, you haven't cut it up small enough!

  17. That turned out very well! I love it when I can use fabric that I don't necessarily enjoy anymore, but that someone else likes. :)

  18. It this that it turned out very cute! With the little cats... :) You can do wondrous things with any fabric!!