Monday, April 6, 2009

Sunday(uhm, Monday) Stash

Yes, a little late once again.
I managed to get my hands on these wonderful black and white batiks at our quilt guild meeting on Thursday. Maybe they will help me make something for the Black and White Quilt Challenge.
Sunday Stash
And, in other news, I actually finished a quilt back! Yay me!
Quilt back

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  1. Love the black and white -- very classical with a whimsical twist! ;o)

    The quilt back is wonderful too!

  2. The b&w's are very striking! Can't wait to see what you do with them. :) And yay for a quilt back! It's a wonder to me how much you always seem to get done-- you've always got so many irons in the fire. Awesome!

  3. wanna make a few quilt backs for me? they seem to be tripping me up these days.

  4. Quilt backs... phew... need to make some too! Yours looks lovely, please show more of the backing goodness!

  5. I love batiks, and those black and whites are great!

    I haven't joined the flickr group yet, but I am doing your Geese in the Forest BOM, and I'm having fun. I like your way of paper piecing (folding to the side). It eliminates the part of paper piecing that I totally hate (tearing the paper off. Anyway, so thanks!

  6. Do you still want that black, white and turquoise fabric I have?

  7. Your black and whites are perfect for the challenge. And that little sneak peek is fabulous!

  8. That lime green with the swirls is just divine! What is it?