Thursday, April 2, 2009

Feigned disinterest

I did sew a teenie little bit yesterday. Today is filled with errands, so I thought I'd share with you how excited those boys were to visit a college campus on Tuesday.
(Actually, I think they were more interested than their attitudes portrayed.)

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  1. oh i love this pic.
    it just captures such a moment.

    and of course they didn't portray full emotion.

  2. Great picture! Don't you just wish sometimes you could get into the minds of your teens. Or maybe not?

  3. Oh yes, it's very important that no one know you are interested! There's an image to maintain!

  4. Oh to be eighteen and have this attitude....what memories. Lucky Mom.

  5. Love the picture! That body language!!

  6. Great picture. It really captures the moment. Too cool for school, for sure. :)

  7. They look so "cool". I can't believe one day I'll boys as big as that!

  8. so ummm remember how i told you that i ♥ed this pic?!?!

    well 2 days after your picture i tried to recreate it with my fam. {in the park.}
    i think i captured it.
    i just wanted to say thanks for the inspiration, because it has to be my absolute fav pic of my family.

    you can see the pic on my blog, if you want.
    {you'll have to scroll down to april the 4th.}