Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Bella Bella!

The ever growing collection of Moda Bella Solids in the store.
I LOVE Bella Solids!
I would love to make a quilt completely (or mostly) out of solids.

From top to bottom:
Christmas Red
Christmas Green
Tea Rose
Robin's Egg
Bright Sky

(The 16-year old is going for his driving test today. Wish me luck...)


  1. Wow, those solids are gorgeous! I think I might have to have some. A quilt with just those solids would be fun to make.

  2. Ps - good luck with that driving test. That must be nerve-wracking!

  3. I've got a 15 year old boy chomping at the bit to get his learners...any advice since you've been there?

  4. i love these solids...the feel is so much better than my regular kona cottons...i'm going to replace with these as i run out. hope the test goes well...then you'll have an official driver...are you ready? is this your first one?

  5. Wow, what colours! My own solids addiction is just starting.

  6. Yummy colours!! Are they comparible with Kona Cottons?

    I’ve always loved solids, but I felt like a black sheep in quiltland!

  7. Okay, teaching my two to drive was the HARDEST part of mothering. Good Luck!
    Oh, and I'll be back for some earth brown bella solid!

  8. I just ordered some of the Bella solids today. I hope to use them in a quilt that has been started with the Kona solids (actually would have bought Kona had I found a store that carried them as well as other materials I was looking for). How do you think the Bella's compare to the Kona's in terms of weave and weight? Will I detect a difference?

  9. I often view quilts as textile color studies, so quilts done in solids always thrill me just a little bit. Plus, I think they are more timeless, for what THAT'S worth. Anyway, best of luck and thanks for the gorgeous photos.

  10. debbie in San DiegoApril 29, 2009 at 6:17 PM

    Would the white Bella Solid work for the Geese in the Forest blocks?

  11. Oh please do! I would love to see a quilt made from these solids. The colors look so warm, rich and inviting!


  12. Good luck with the driving test. In Oz the new drivers have to display the letter 'P' on the car to indicate probationary status with stricter rules. This lasts for two years, then they're considered full drivers.

  13. good luck with the driving!!!
    oh l love these solids, great colors hope you will be getting more in as I am looking to do a few amish style quilts

  14. Good Luck! Those solids are beautiful. Any chance you can get that big butter yellow polka dot from Moda??? ;-)

  15. Just a thought...I came looking to buy navy/royal blue the other day. I am loving these new ones though...yum!

  16. How'd the test go? Love those colors - yummy!

  17. Hope the test went well! I have been eyeing those Bella solids for awhile. I'm curious-- do they fray less than the Kona at all?

  18. I'm not a big solids person, but I happen to be in the market for some blue right now. I will get them from you! I was going to ask how they compare to Kona, as i've heard Kona mentioned on many blogs, but other commenters have already answered that. Thanks!

  19. I got lost in your blog...thanks for all you've shared..I came in from amy's quilt show. Fun stuff you are doing...revitalizing the concept of nine patch and then some.