Tuesday, June 24, 2008

No sewing/crafting, but...

It's summer. My whole routine is out of whack. Last week was just a flurry of activity which included the last day of school BBQ, a whole day of quilt shop hopping, and getting estimates for the kitchen redo.

I've just had 2 cups of coffee for the first time in weeks, so excuse the scatteredness of this post.
I thought I'd just post a bunch of pictures today.

My kitty's (on) a tramp.

Decisions, decisions...

Yes, we're STILL working on the fireplace.
Remember before? (Probably not, since that was MARCH!)

Making progress...

I have a slight obsession with neatly trimmed shrubs.

The mess is a pain to to clean up.


  1. I can't stand the trimming or the cleaning up so we only have fere-form shrubs.

  2. Lovely pictures. Our hands are made for quilting and sewing, not for painting or trimming!

  3. What a great transformation of that fireplace! Great job!

  4. the fireplace looks fantastic!

    my summer routine is out of whack, too, so you are not alone. ;)

  5. I love your bushes. So nice and neat.
    My azalea bushes are taking over the front yard. I don't think you can see the porch rail from the street any more.

  6. Your fireplace looks so nice! I'm sure you won't regret the work it took to redo it. We did ours a couple of years ago and we've been so happy with it. We can hardly remember the old, ugly mauve pink bricks and mauve pink mortar! ~Adrienne~

  7. The fireplace is looking great. I built a mantel for ours - but a year later it's still not painted or stained as I can't make up my mind...

  8. I just happened on your wonderful blog and noticed this post. I have seen landscapers put a large garbage bag (opened to form a large flat sheet of plastic) around the shrub before trimming, then they just pulled the bag out when finished. Nice and clean.

    Great blog. I'll be back

  9. Your fireplace is coming along nicely :) I hope the kitchen project is going okay!