Wednesday, June 11, 2008


Yesterday, the hubby and I went cooktop and cabinet shopping. Exhausting, I tell you. We're thinking of redoing the kitchen cabinets and we REALLY need a new cooktop, but it's a little scary to think about the cost of all of this. I have two little door samples sitting on the kitchen counter and I'm not totally in love with either one. What would the cabinets in your dream kitchen look like?

On a brighter note, I ordered some fabric for my Baby Jane quilt online. The teardrop fabric is so I can redo a block I messed up completely but it used up all the fabric I had. The others were experimental because I was doubtful about being able to match colors accurately online. I haven't checked them against my others yet, but they actually look like they might match.

These Midwest Modern fabrics are courtesy of Kathy at Pink by Post. She still has a few Stack Packs if you want to go grab your own.


  1. I'm saving my pennies to do an order from Kathy.

  2. hurray for new fabric!!!

    I'm trying a fabric diet in June. so far, so good.

  3. Love your fabrics!
    I bought some stack packs at Kathy’s!! Love them.
    The note-taker she posted today (yesterday?) is gorgeous!
    I have dream cabinets in my dream kitchen!
    Off white with beech-wood and stainless steel.

  4. Hello - You asked about dream cabinets in kitchens. When my folks built their house 20 years ago my mom wanted the flat bread board look and had a cabinet maker custom make them and her reasoning was because they were easy to clean - flat with no grooves. Then after I got married and had my first house the cabinets had the grooves and I knew exactly what she meant by easy to clean and so when my husband and I built our house 14 years ago I had our cabinet maker make me the same bread board cupboards and haven't regretted it - they look nice and are easy to clean! They are oak and I have handles on them - those you can pick and choose your own for the look you want - I would suggest there again, the least amount of grooves to clean! Just my random thoughts on the subject.

    Jennifer in North Dakota

    P.S. I really enjoy your blog and read it daily - or check each day to see if you have any new entries - thank you for sharing all your wonderful quilts and ideas with the rest of us!!

  5. Beautiful fabric! I forgot to say thanks for posting this. I immediately popped over to Pink by Post after reading your post and ordered a stack. I can't wait till it arrives!

  6. I would have to agree with Jennifer about the cabinets... flat = easier to clean. Of course, if we're really talking dreams here, I'd have a maid to clean them! :-)

    May I ask about the 4 fabrics in the middle of the stack in your first photo? The ones with the delicate tone-on-tone print. Where did you get those?