Thursday, June 21, 2007

No sewing machine - Day 3

Went "shop-hopping" with E today. Great fun! It's not really about Shop Hop itself, since I'm really not into the fabrics. It's a wonderful excuse to visit a whole bunch of quilt stores we wouldn't normally get to.

We started the day up north in Mount Vernon and worked our way back down to Seattle. I packed my camera to take wonderful photos to share, but after an enormous slice of quiche for breakfast my brain shut down and shopping was all I could think of.

I will therefore have to share after the fact.
The free stuff:

The "paid for" stuff:
a little off-season Valentine-ness,

happy chickens on green,

and my favorite - pink, of course.

Not a good day for the "Use what you have" challenge, that's for sure!


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  2. oooh weakling!! hahaha. I love those pink and orange fabrics though. I don't think I could have resisted those!

  3. ha! i bought fabric yesterday too!

  4. those chickens are pretty dang cute. i'm not sure i would have the will power to resist, either. besides, i cheated on the challenge last week...shhh...don't tell.

  5. I went on the shop hop on Wednesday by myself. Not near the fun it is with someone else. Three years ago my sister, her two daughters and I went and did 61 of the 64 shops in three days. It was a hoot! The key is focus! I plan to go tomorrow some more with my niece in the Tacoma/Puyallup/Olympia area. Loved the chicken fabric. If I see some somewhere I will have to get it!