Friday, June 1, 2007


I decided to drive by a couple of yard sales this morning. Isn't it funny how they now start on Fridays? I generally don't haggle over prices at yard sales because I know how it feels when someone tries to get away with 25c for something that's already marked really, really low.

Here's what I scored:

A wonderful pink polka dot vase just begging for some peonies - $1...

The perfect pink and green container for scraps of fabric - 75c...

Cute, cute, cute red and white prints - 25c...

I also found a wonderful photographic quality light table (I've always wanted a light table) for $5, a microwave for Gavin's office for $10, and two light stands and an umbrella for his photographic adventures for $5.

Quite a successful morning, if you ask me.


  1. Great finds... that fabric is gorgeous!!

  2. Garage sales can be so rad. Nice blog!

  3. oh, I love your finds! that pink polka dot vase...drool...the peonies look great in there. and I like your little scrap container, too.

  4. wow, your loot is great! Makes me want to return to "garage-sailing" after a couple years of being too busy!

  5. Wow what great finds! I love the pink polka dot vase!