Wednesday, June 20, 2007

No sewing machine - Day 2

A couple of years ago I stumbled upon the 1961 version of the "Better Homes & Gardens Decorating Book". It is a binder filled with "over 300 full color illustrations" and wise tips for decorating your home. I thought I'd share with you some snippets from Chapter 1. (If you click on the pictures, the full size versions will provide more detail.)

"If you're a bit sentimental - plan a cozy room"
"The color scheme stems from the flowered pattern of the draperies and quilted upholstery..."
and "Look to Contemporary"
"Airy drapery fabric runs unbroken from wall to wall, ceiling to floor, makes ceilings look higher..."

"Traditional Dignity"
"Brown tones range from soft beige to the honey of wall paneling, vibrant red-brown of tables and chair frames..."
"Colonial charm mirrors informal living"
"Furniture is cozily arranged..."

"Are you a busy clubwoman - with an active family?"
"...paneled walls and woven blinds need only occasional dusting..."
"Or are you a homebody - with a fondness for snug comfort?"
"A brown and white print, accented by pink, inspires the room's handsome color scheme..."

...and my personal favorite
"Sparkling color defines a gay, informal spirit"
"Vibrant carpet makes the brilliant floral sofa pattern in rose-red and shades of pink, accented with splashes of yellow, more vivid..." (how much more vivid can you get???)


  1. LOL...did people really live like that!? I definitely like the floral circular couch for a gay informal spirit! Thanks for shaing and keep them coming...ooh I'm so glad style has moved on from then!!!

  2. Yes, people really did live like that but I'm so glad we didn't keep those styles around long. Fun to look at, though. Thanks for sharing with us.

  3. So much fun to look at! Even if most of us wouldn't want to live in those houses, it is fascinating to see how style has changed over time... Thanks for sharing such a great find:)

    I hope you are surviving without your sewing machine! :)

  4. I love the busy 'clubwoman' with an active family!!!

    Superb stuff. What a piece of history.

  5. That floral sofa!! It's so... special!

  6. I love these pictures. I wonder if my girls will read my old issues of Beautiful Homes and guffaw at the decorating styles?