Friday, May 18, 2007

Fruit Salad

That's what my mom calls anything that's just thrown together willy nilly. It started with going to the garden center and buying everything I like, then trying to find spots for it in the garden. "Fruit salad - that's what the garden will look like..." Hopefully it's not all bad or some of my scrap quilts would really have to go to the big salad bowl in the sky.

Anyway, yesterday was a complete washout.

I crawled around on the floor for an hour with my fabrics spread out everywhere trying to put together something for the mini quilt challenge - no success.

I kept knitting the darn sock for hours (even after knowing yesterday already that something was not right) and then frogged it - there's either something wrong with the pattern or I'm an idiot.

Therefore, my post today - fruit salad...

The UPS guy brought the yarn for my ripple. Yay!

The Circuit City guys brought the new TV. It's a monster. The photo does not do it justice. Martha is the size of a house!

Oh, and here's another snippet of amateur art:


  1. Hey, fruit salad is colorful and yummy! What's wrong with that, LOL!?

  2. anina your art is looking great!

  3. did you do that drawing? I love it!

    You son looks a little honey...I would have liked to have done his experiment..
    and that desert, looks like a bit of a cinnamon apple pie to me mmmm