Monday, May 14, 2007

The day after...

Mother's Day started of wonderfully with this handmade card:

The rest of the day was spent hunting for a new television, since ours decided to give up the ghost on Friday night. The positive: we will now have the 50" flat screen and surround sound that we could never find a good enough excuse to spend money on. The negative: I will not be getting new carpet for our bedroom, and poor Gavin will probably have to count this purchase as his birthday present. He'll be able to watch sports in style now, right?

I put the cushions on the patio set this morning. The weather forecast calls for rain on Wednesday, but I think we're entitled to two days of summer. (If you look closely you'll notice that I didn't actually tie them on - for quick removal.)

On Friday I found these vintage buttons at Michael's. I had seen button magnets somewhere and thought it would be cute. Unfortunately my magnets are a little weak, but it looks really cute.

I plan on completing my apron today, and start on a mini quilt for this month's Whiplash.

And then I have to start some home sewing. Duvet cover, table runner, dining room chair covers...

I love this idea - from Martha, of course...


  1. happy mothers day (a day late)!

    your patio looks like a lovely corner of your home.

  2. happy mother's day anina! i can't wait to see your apron. i think i may do a doll quilt for whiplash too....

  3. Hey girly,

    Hoop jou Moerdersdag was great - myne was!!
    Wens ek het meer tyd gehad om the Craft, maar ek kom stadig maar seker daar, sal die foudies stuur!

    Lekker dag!

  4. Great ideas for magnets!

    I love your new banner. That is a tree peony? Do you know the name of the variety? It is breath-taking, and the photo is breath-taking!