Tuesday, May 29, 2007

What fun we had

We're back from our trip to the Columbia Gorge. It was a ton of fun. So much fun that I kind of forgot to take photos, but here are a few. The angel above was my only (and favorite) aquisition. It seems like not many stores in little towns are open during Memorial Day weekend.
We did see a bunch of beautiful waterfalls along the Historic Columbia River Highway and got some much needed exercise.

"Can we go now?"

Once we got to the hotel, I pretty much packed away the camera. I'll see what Gavin did and try to post some of his.

Added on 5/30: The ornament is by Laini Taylor. www.lainitaylor.com
My other favorite was a quote from Little Women: "She is too fond of books and it has addled her brain."
I almost got that one.
Oooh, I just found her blog! growwings.blogspot.com
Thanks Linda for asking for this info. I would never had found it all if you hadn't!


  1. Such a beautiful place to visit and the pics you did take reflect that. So glad to hear you had fun!!

  2. I love the rainbow girl -- I've seen those before, but never one I liked as much as this. Do you remember who the artist is? Maybe I can look her up on the internet and find one for myself.