Thursday, May 3, 2007

What's in my car (amateur art)

Every day as I wait for the school bus to drop Josh off, I try to take out my little purse-sized sketchbook and practice my amateur drawing.

Of course, I hardly ever remember to actually take something worth drawing with me when I leave the house, hence this catalog of items found in my car...

apple - I don't normally have apples in the car. On this day I actually remembered to take something.

tiramisu blanket yarn

my purse - of course

scissors - don't ask...

a brown paper bag - probably left over from take-out

sunglasses - we must have had a rare sunny day

I was kind of unsure whether to post these here (being very amateurish), but blogs are about sharing, right?


  1. your drawings are great! Looks like you're learning a lot of technique (mixed with a lot of natural talent!)

  2. These look great!! What a great idea to bring your sketchbook with you. I don't think I would ever take the time to sit and draw at home, but I could while I'm wasting time in a line some where!!