Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Temperature Quilt - a quilt along?

On Sunday I was browsing Instagram and stumbled across something called a "Temperature Quilt". I think the idea started as a knitted or crocheted blanket but has evolved into quilts.

The concept is simple: you choose colors depending on the low and high temperature for each day of the year, and make a block every day based on those colors. (You'd have to use temparature ranges or you'll end up with hundreds of colors. Mine are 5 degree increments.)

I played around with the 2018 temperatures in Des Moines and came up with this:

The circles are the high temperatures and the backgrounds the low. It "reads" like a book - left to right and top to bottom. I'm not sure I'm happy with these colors, but it's a start.

You don't have to use my design. You can basically use any block that has two colors. Flying geese are popular, as are half square triangles. I think square-in-a-square blocks would be lovely too.
Just Google "Temperature Quilt" and you'll see tons of ideas!

This was my pile of inspiration fabric for the colors - all Moda Bella Solids:
I think a quilt-along would be loads of fun. We'd have to get a move-on picking our colors and fabric but I think it can be done. First day would be January 2nd 2019 (with the temps for January 1st).

Who's in?