Thursday, December 20, 2018

2018 - A Look Back - Part II

I just realized it will take me many, many posts to catch you up on all I've been up to. I'd have to go back to somewhere in 2017.

With that in mind, I think I'll just post a couple of pics now and maybe a couple more in the couple of days. And vow to be better at sharing in 2019.

Rail Fence Quilt 1/18
This is my "Spring Retreat Quilt"

Mod Ornaments Runner 1/18
I'm using it for the first time this Holiday season and, even though I wasn't all that enamored with it when I made it, it's grown on me.

Heart to Heart Table Runner 1/18
I did post this one back in January. There's a pattern in the Craftsy store.
Garden Party Quilt Top 5/18
Finished the top. It's a Bonnie Hunter pattern. It's hanging in the closet waiting to be quilted.
And that's enough for today, I think.


  1. Bonnie Hunter spoke at our local guild earlier this year. I bought one of her books and would love to start a project from it! Your quilts and runners are beautiful.

    1. Thanks Laura! She spoke at our guild too and really inspired me to use my scraps.