Tuesday, December 18, 2018

2018 - A Look Back - Part I

In my effort to revive this blog (Don't you think blogging should make a big comeback?), I'm going to post some updates on what I've been working on this past year.

First, my Sue Spargo Folk-Tails quilt. I was really hoping to get it done by December 17th (which would have been 1 year since I started), but it obviously did not happen. I'll get there eventually.


  1. Love your Sue Spargo quilt! What a joy that must have been to work on. It's on my "maybe someday list" to do a Sue Spargo project, sigh :)

  2. Blogging should definitely make a comeback. I've added a new blog reading app and loaded you and all my other favorite craft blogs into it.

    1. I have to get back to checking Bloglovin daily again.