Friday, January 1, 2016

2015 Completed Projects

Only five and all quite small, but here they are.
Bunting Baby Quilt 1:
Bunting Baby Quilt Pattern
Bunting Baby Quilt 2:
Bunting Baby Quilt in 30's Feedsack Prints
Finished the Park Slope pincushion. Any sewing is better than none.
Little Joys Dresden Plate Mini Quilt:

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Little Penguin Mini Quilt:
Little Penguin Mini Quilt
I truly hope to have more to show in 2016. I have a few projects very close to the finish line and the plan is not to start anything new until I finish them.

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  1. You got the penguin done-- nice!!! All of your projects are so bright and happy! Happy new year! :)