Wednesday, January 13, 2016


When I posted pictures of my brand new ironing table on Instagram, I received quite a few comments about the little storage boxes/drawers underneath.

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I had actually purchased those to use in the IKEA Kallax unit I have on the "office" side of my studio, but they're working so well for WIPs that I just ordered three more and thought maybe someone would like a little more information.

My main reason for ordering these originally was price. With discounts and free shipping I think I paid around $3 each originally. The last three were $5 a piece. They're nothing "fancy" but they do the job they're meant for. And I love the color.
I ordered them from They're Martha Stewart Living Fabric Drawers.

In other news, I just finished the Grandmother's Flower Garden Quilt top and am now stuck as to what to do next. Stay tuned for a post requesting advice.
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  1. The quilt top just looks fabulous and deserves a WOW!

  2. What a beautiful quilt ! Maybe a little time to consider what you want to do next.