Friday, January 29, 2016

Happy Hexies

If you've been following Twiddletails on Instagram, you know that I've been working hard on a little hexagon quilt.
Back in August of 2014 (where does time go?), I was all set to organize a hex-along but then life got in the way.

When I was getting ready for our recent trip to Miami, I was looking for little handwork projects to take with and dug the project back out of the WIP bin.
The problem was I wasn't feeling the fabric choices any more.
Just too pastel-y for my current tastes.
Daisy Chain  - 8/19/14
I was a little loathe to start from scratch, but working on something you're not in love with isn't fun either. I liked some of the fabrics and thought I could maybe "undo" some of it and save part of my work. Not so. These hexies were made to stay!

So...I started over.
The pink flowers are staying.
The turquoises (and the greens) are changing.
I'm still planning a hex-along somewhere in the future but I feel like I should get a little further along first. Just in case I change my mind again.

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