Sunday, October 17, 2010

Goodbye Ugly Quilt

Remember me referring to the ugly quilt?
Were you confused as to why I would keep working on a quilt I hated?
Here's the answer:
I wanted to figure out the techniques for attaching the triangles and binding to "that quilt" without putting the actual quilt at risk.
So I slapped together something using scraps and absolutely no planning.
Something really unattractive.
Well, I figured out the methods.
Scalloped binding experiment
And I'm killing the project.
So, alas, you won't have to feast your eyes on the completion of all that unattractiveness.
You're not missing anything.
Trust me.
Ugly Jane


  1. I'm sure that it can't be that bad!
    Can't you complete the project and gift it? But I can understand trying to complete it without investing any more emotion in trying to make it perfect!

    Good luck and happy sewing vibes to you,


  2. Nice job on that scalloped binding. I made one scalloped border and SWORE I would never make another... but you make it look so pretty...

  3. Pretty fabric...colorful and cheery...awesome border...snuggly and cozy. There's just too many very good things about it to be a lost cause.

  4. Looks bright and cheery... I bet it would make a wonderful charity quilt if you found time to finish it sometime. (And I'm looking forward to learning how you added those scallops. They've been freakin' me out!). :)

  5. I love the scalloped binding! Come can't be so bad! Let's see it!

  6. Looks good to me. Give it to a pet lover as a pet blanket.

  7. Someday, I'll be ready to do the scallops and I've already been thinking about them and how that all happens. So, I'm hoping you will post lots of photos and instructions for same.

  8. Finish it and donate it, there are thousands of charities out there that would love to have it!
    The Red Cross
    Project Linus
    Your local children's hospital
    The police or fire department

    That quilt could do so much good! And I am sure the receiver won't find it nearly so ugly as you do!