Sunday, May 31, 2009

Think Pink

I'm still still here...
It's crazy around here.

1. My mom's coming for a long visit and the house is a mess. Did I mention she gets here on Thursday? I have a LOT to do before then.
2. I'm trying to get the Rainbow Jane BOM kits for June ready before she gets here so we'll have more time to spend together.
3. The garden needs constant tending.
4. Store orders (yay!) have to still go out very, very quickly.
5. Three by Three swap packages are arriving daily and I have to restrain myself not to spend hours going through all those lovely, lovely nine patches.
6, 7, 8, 9..... Fill in this space yourself....

I wanted to share some pink. I received the lovely pink cherry fabric from one of the three by three swappers and now I want to make something pink. Now! But of course I can't...
Think Pink!
Speaking of cherries...
I still have a couple of Berry Delicious Fat Quarter bundles in the store and they're now marked down to $46.95. These retail for up to $80. You get 7+ yards of fabric! That works out to less than $7 a yard. I'm ordering some lovely new fabric for the store tomorrow and I need to clear some space, so they're going for a rock bottom price.


  1. Busy busy busy, that you are! Sounds like all fun things going on. Thanks for sharing those pink fabrics - they are gorgeous, especially that cherry piece. That berry delicious bundle is delicious too! I love all those summery colors.

  2. Good luck with your wild week. I love those beautiful pink fabrics!

  3. ah, pink! how can you go wrong?