Saturday, May 9, 2009

They're starting to arrive

The three by three blocks, that is. I'm still very excited about all of this. I can't wait to see the quilts that come from this swap.
three by three blocks
I just sent my baby off on his first solo outing in the car. I'm scared.


  1. already???
    wow. that was fast.

    and i can't even begin to imaging how you are feeling about him, in a car, alone.

  2. I think I already said that the HARDEST part ever for me parenting was that very thing! They're 31 & 28 now and have never had an accident. He'll be okay. You'll be okay.

  3. Lovely blocks! Those critters/bugs are too cute!
    I’m hooked on making 9-patch blocks!

    I can imagine you feel scared about your baby being alone in the car for the very first time. But I’m sure he will be OK! And so will you. All those steps you have to take during parenting to let go, they must feel like the hardest ones. Your baby will love you for giving him (self)confidence!!

  4. I can't imagine the worry! My baby's only two and I already have nightmares about that part of life. I think I'm sunk. Ah motherhood. HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY (tomorrow)!

  5. You're a mum - you are supposed to be scared - all the time - no matter what they do or how old they get. Sometimes you forget that you are scared, but it's there, underneath. He'll be fine, usually. But we never know for sure, and we're mums, so we worry. And that's just the way it is...

    Happy Mother's Day

  6. I love the blue one!

    Good luck with the adventure!

  7. Fun blocks :) I hope you/he are alright!

  8. Those blocks are great--the bees are just too cute!! My blocks are made and safely tucked inside a zipper bag waiting for me to get the large envelopes ready. I'm so glad you're doing this--it's great fun!

    My little boys are 27, 22, and 22 now, and I still feel a lump when I watch them drive off!

  9. yikes!!! i'll enjoy the last of my diaper days here if it means that my kids aren't driving yet. :)

  10. I guess being scared is in a mother's job description...sigh...pretty exchange blocks!