Tuesday, May 13, 2008

star quilt along - weeks 1 & 2

I wanted to participate in Amanda's star quilt along but, since I'm on a "fabric diet" right now, I wanted to use stash fabrics. I didn't even have white or off-white fabric to use as a block background.

So....I came up with this.

Pretty, isn't it?
Now imagine a WHOLE quilt with this green as a background. Ouch!
Well, guess what...
Diets are meant to be broken, right?

I'll use the pink and green block in a quilt.
Just not this one.


  1. Anina, I am with you on the whole quilt out of pink and green. It reminds me of the phase I went through in 6th grade that I am glad ended quickly. Your scrappy illusion is fantastic It is really something how alternating those blocks tricks the eye, and what beautiful colors!

  2. The pink and green reminds me of some vintage squares my mom has that I think were made by my great-grandmother. A whole quilt would be a little much though.

  3. The new blue and white blocks are terrific. I keep going to look at this quilt along and I keep telling myself I don't have time. sigh. I may give in yet.

  4. I agree, fabric diets are meant to be broken for the right project. I picked up my fabric at J on sale. And my background fabric was purchased with the coupon. I think the blocks look great. I'll be posting mine later today (I hope).

  5. Fabric diets are even harder than ‘regular’ ones! Being a Dutch girl (sorry woman) I love the new white and blue blocks!

  6. yes, the quilt along quilt quilt would be hard to make with just stash fabrics. (maybe that should be my challenge for the next quilt along...that it uses only stash fabrics.) I like all the blocks, though. and sorry for being a bad influence on your diet.

  7. I just love the blues - it is beautiful!!

  8. That pink and green is WOW! But I agree, how in the world would it make up into a quilt? :-)

  9. actually I love the pink and green block.
    There are a lot of antique quilts with that combination and they are beauties!
    the blue and white is nice too ...yes fabric diets are meant to be broken once in a while...
    but the pink and green would have been awesome in mho