Thursday, May 29, 2008

I'm still here

Wow, I didn't mean to take another break. I just haven't done much worth sharing lately. That's about to change however. This morning someone's coming over and we're going to sew up a storm! I have an idea I'd like to work on.

In the mean time, I did make the fourth block for Amanda's star quilt-along. I've decided not to go with medium and dark fabrics, but only darks.

I'm still one block behind but that's the first thing on the list this morning.
I've been creating a little collage of the blocks to see my progress. I think it's time to start making setting blocks...

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  1. I really like the blue you chose. As usual, I'm behind in the quilt-along.

  2. the blues and white together look so good!

  3. I like the blue and white fabrics. I am behind, I have last weeks and this weeks to do, we were out of town last week.

  4. I saw your block on flickr. I like it..subtle and interesting! I'd like to lay out my blocks like this a flickr tool?

  5. Your blocks look wonderful! I love the blues you are using.

  6. Your stars are looking lovely. I am doing mine in blue also. I am a late starter but hope to catch up this week.