Monday, February 11, 2008

Monday, Monday

Had a wonderful breakfast with some great girls this morning. Happy Birthday K!!!

I'm attempting socks again. I think I hate this yarn though. Should I stop now?

Finally a little sneak peek at my Virtual Quilting Bee block for Jennifer.


  1. Your breakfast looks so delicous! I love the quilt block, too. The colors and print are so pretty and cheerful.

  2. I'm curious what is on the wooden cutting board?

    The socks would be nice for Easter. You wanted an honest opinion I hope.

    Love the spring colors in the quilt!

  3. Honestly, I don't love that sock yarn either. The food and the sneak peek are delicious looking though.

  4. Socks aren't worth the effort if you don't like the yarn. So, yes, if you hate the yarn stop now. Find something you LOVE and then cast on again.

  5. That breakfast looks yummi! If I were you I would put the socks aside for a while. If you still dislike the yarn in a couple of weeks then you know what to do. That block looks great,I wonder how many people have bought that Ikea fabric.

  6. Would you make a quilt of fabrics you don’t like? Well... that’s my answer to the yarn. You could knit some egg-warmers from it. Great for Easter like Joni said! Kidding! Love the colours of the block!

  7. dump the yarn if you don't like it. you will never wear the socks and they won't be fun to knit.

  8. again, you are a tease with the quilt block!!!

    I think you should dump the sock yarn if you don't love it. I threw away quilt blocks once. it was HARD to do, but very freeing. life is too short to knit socks you don't love. or to make quilts that you don't love, for that matter.

  9. Anina,

    I included you in a "tagging" post today...go have a look:

    (I tried to email your gmail account but it was bounced.)

    - Jen

  10. I agree if you don't like the yarn the don't continue because then it will drive you nuts. The sock does look cool though very springy. Also I like the quilt block what texture.

  11. Hi Anina,

    Thanks for stopping by my blog. I love yours too. Breakfast looks so yummy!!

    The block that you have for you virtual bee looks great. I have the same multicolor fabric from IKEA. I can't wait to see what your project looks like, maybe I'll use mine for something similar. I also have some chenille but in fuschia, which would also go well with the Ikea fabric!!

    You also have a new follower!