Tuesday, February 5, 2008


The Stash Dash Quilt is basted and ready for quilting. Since yesterday was "kitchen floor washing" day, I decided to try out Amanda's basting method. It worked out great.
Laid out and taped the backing to the floor

Layered the rest and pinned (my sore butt muscles are a testament to that)

And we're ready for quilting!

Sydney approves (for a change)

Quilt-a-long block 12 is done. This was the last block. Now to convert these into a quilt...

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  1. I really like the pattern of this quilt and the orange really makes it pop!

  2. What a beautiful quilt! Your little basting helper is so cute!

  3. are those CURVED pins? Most excellent idea!

  4. Your quilt is wonderful! What a great idea to use the floor but I can imagine how your back must feel now.

  5. Great looking quilt! I use the same method for basting and it does work, although it's hard on the knees.

    What fun fabric you used for the final block in the quilt a-long! Can't wait to see the your 12 blocks altogether in a quilt top.

  6. wow the quilt looks great! I can say that basting on the floor is definitely back breaking work! But I think it's worth it.

    I have to finish up my blocks! I can't wait to put this quilt together!

  7. I love the black, white, and orange color combination. Really lovely and vivid.

  8. So nice! Like others here have said, I love the orange and black. If you told me you were doing an orange and black quilt, without seeing it I'd think "Halloween". But it really works! Looks great.

  9. Love it. Orange and black, black and orange.
    Your block 12 is great. Curious to see how you will put the blocks together into a quilttop.

  10. I plan on making Blocks 12 in the Quilt Along today. I LOVE your stash dash quilt. My quilt along blocks (for me) are black and white and I was going to bring in some red to add some spark when I put the quilt together, but now..... I am thinking orange. I am more an orange kinda girl than a red one. Thanks for sharing you pics.

  11. I love that quilt...can't wait to see it once it's been quilted....gorgeous work.

    I suspect by all the work you are getting done...you must be feeling somewhat better...I certainly hope so.

    Oh...and I so relate to the "sore" butt muscles...it happens to me whenever I work out in the yard...guess maybe I should try working on projects on the floor...not only would I be accomplishing a much needed craft design...I would be firming up the buttocks at the same time...hmmmm...I see a video in our future..."sewing/crafting aerobics"...OR..."floor craft aerobics"...I'm sure there is big $$$ in that!


  12. I think the orange works wonderfully with the black - and I am glad Syd decided to approve - she is such a generous dog!
    Maybe she will reconsider the 'truitjie' now!

  13. Just found your blog, thanks for the basting tip. I have my first "large" quilt project underway, and I need all of the tips I can get. Are you hand quilting?

  14. love the quilt! the orange does work well with the black and white. glad that the basting method worked for you. it isn't a fun process, I can attest to that, but it's so nice to have dependable results.

  15. The orange and black are really striking. I love the design.
    Making that quilt sandwich is always challenging, no matter how you do it. It's good at least that you have that much floor space and such a cute supervisor!