Wednesday, December 5, 2007


i.e. "Getting On With It" 2
Thanks to all your wonderful suggestions regarding my wreath problem, I walked into JoAnn's with a plan yesterday. Of course they didn't have what I needed to execute the plan, but other inspiration soon came. I'm quite happy with the outcome. I have to be. It's time to move on to other things.

I updated yesterday's post to reflect what I actually got done.

1. make Christmas cards
2. print family photos
3. finish the black, white, and orange quilt top
4. make Christmas runner
5. take some decorations down from the loft
6. make quilt-a-long block
7. mail some packages, even if they're not "perfect"

What's on your list for today?

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  1. Wreath looks great. I hope to post (and hang) my wreath tonight or tomorrow. My to-do today includes:

    1. Write and mail thank yous for Thanksgiving
    2. Not procrastinate at work
    3. Go to the dentist
    4. Make a grocery list for the weekend
    5. Figure out what cookies to bake for a cookie swap
    6. Meet 2 new people for a knitting group

  2. Love the bow. I wanted to change all the ribbons on my wreaths this year but since I have 9 of them I think that will wait until next year. Not to mention my to make list is soooo long. Yet Christmas comes the same time every year. Go figure.haha

  3. I love that ribbon and the new banner.

  4. The wreath looks beautiful. I have a long list and I am ashamed to put it up. It snowed here and I have pics of the boys to post playing in the snow.

  5. I love the ribbon!! My list today, yesterday and before yesterday:
    1. solve computer problems
    2. solve computer problems again
    3. solve computer problems one more time
    4. sigh..... get work done

  6. Great finish on the wreath...
    I think I could just adopt GOWI and start cranking out some progress on all fronts... from bills to wips, from cleaning to post office visits. It's all there, looming and I really need to pick up the pace.

  7. The wreath looks great with the ribbon you chose--great job!

    My list:

    1. Get my nails done
    2. Mail two packages
    3. Decorate the tree
    4. Work on the A.B. Weekender bag
    5. Sew 5 pincushions

  8. I love the ribbon on your wreath... it's so crisp and clean looking!! Now that sounded like something my mother would have said... "crisp & clean".

    I love your header!!! I'd like to change mine as part of one stocknged foot got chopped off by a new post the other day. I know you're busy... but, can you guide me. I use blogspot too.

  9. That wreath looks lovely (and I love the color of your front door)! :)