Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Socksgiving - step 2

"What's with all the knitting?", you ask.

I'm preparing for a small craft show and running way behind schedule, as usual. Something other than yarn will appear hear soon, I promise.

In the mean time, I'm LOVING the progress I'm making on my first sock.


  1. Keep on knitting Anina, I think they will feel warm and comfortable! (I can hardly keep up with all the NaBloPoMo bloggers!)

  2. Are you ready for your next steps or do you want to wait until after the craft show? It's looking so good!

  3. I love the color of that sock. I have never knit socks, but I am going to attempt them after the New Year. I may have to be like the Little Engine That Could and keep repeating to myself, "I think I can, I think I can......"

  4. I love your colorful Christmas scarf and your 'hot' pink sock. You're just knitting up a storm!! I'm working on a scarf for our niece who is in HS. It's bright varigated colors and texture. She's probably rather have a Starbuck's card.

  5. The sock looks lovely!

    All this knitting is making me think about the scarf that I have been working on... it is just sitting in my cupboard right now :)