Saturday, November 24, 2007

Quilt-a-long and Contemplation

My second block for the quilt-a-long.
You can see other beautiful blocks made by "quilt-a-long-ers" over here.

Now for the contemplation...
Ever since I started this blog I've posted just about every day. That's why I thought that posting EVERY everyday during the month of November would be a breeze. All it has lead to, however, was a feeling that I was being forced to do something, which lead to me not wanting to do it at all. Kind of like a teenager (or a man). I'm now questioning whether I blog because I create things or whether I am at the point where I'm making things because I blog. Hmmmm...


  1. Did you find a blog monster under your bed?! My 2 month break (when I was training for my new job) really rejuvenated my creative blog process. I don't think I could blog every day for a month. My creativity come in spurts which correlates to the amount of free time I get. Don't feel burdened by the blog. I don't want you to quit because I really enjoy seeing what you come up with!

  2. I am so in love with this quilt block. The strawberry fabric is so pretty!
    And the arrangement of the greens so the print faces different directions just makes it look so different, I'm loving seeing these blocks take different shapes!

  3. I love your yummy fruit block! I need to get my flickR thing arranged, so I can upload my photos there too. I try to have Sunday as a computerfree day and I want to post at the most 3 to 4 times a week. I’ve done so this month and I have finished far more projects. I’m almost always online because my clients send e-mails (and sometimes that means an order- most of the times hoewever not... LOL)

  4. you should only post when you want not because you HAVE to everyday......
    .......I enjoy your blog and would miss you if you stopped blogging so if need be have a little break and come back to us.......

  5. I enjoy reading your posts so thank you for being such a dedicated crafter/writer. I only post about twice a month and I am always feeling guilty that I should be posting more often. I think you've got to do what feels right. We can't feel bad about it, but just be proud that we are creating and posting, sharing the things we make with others who enjoy making things too.

  6. your block looks great!

    I can relate to the blog contemplation thing. Blogging has been feeling almost like a job to me lately, and I don't want I am trying to find that perfect balance for me right now in this phase of my life. if you get it figured out, please let me know. ;)

  7. Whatever the motivation... I certainly enjoy the results... posts and creations.

  8. LOL, isn't that SO true? It's the chicken or egg theory -- which came first -- the blogging or the making???

  9. Sounds very familiar what you are saying. I try to blog only when I want to, but it doesn't always work out that way. Keeping up with what other people are blogging takes up a lot of time too.

  10. I totally missed the boat on this quilt along thing, I'll have to see if I can catch up. You're on the standard blogger track. The honeymoon is over and you're feeling a weird desire to delete your blog with a single keystroke ;) Take a break and enjoy the silence of not writing. I've done that several times over the past year and a half. All the people that enjoy reading will still be there, that's why they invented bloglines. xo kathy

  11. I so agree with everyone, especially Kieny and Kathy...Blogging serves many purposes (for me, at least).

    A bad day can be ended on a happier note just by blogging on something totally different or something positive...choosing to feel positive, not dwelling on the negative.

    Sure, when I finish a quilt block, I look forward to blogging about it...sharing...allowing blogging to help motivate me to finish faster.

    Blogging scratches that creative itch. I "write" many, many more blog posts in my head during a week than I ever, ever post. It exercises that writing "muscle".

    Looking back over the almost-year I've been blogging, I am encouraged and amazed at all we have done. I never made time to keep a journal.

    Rather than having lived a year of random projects and meetings and travel, the blog has pulled these random elements together.

    Rather than feeling disjointed and hurried/frenzied, blogging has given me a sense of taking a single journey with lots of interesting stops along the way!

    You have a gift, Anina, of communication. You won't be completely happy unless you give voice to that gift!

    Keep sharing your warmth and personality with us through this blog!