Friday, November 9, 2007

Lime, prizes...and chaos

The follow up to "Orange"...

And the winners of the pincushion drawing are...
Pat from Bits and Pieces who gets the flower pincushion
Penny who wrote "Congrats on your 201st! I love looking at the things you have created!" for whom a little strawberry is waiting. Please contact me Penny. I have no contact info for you.

It's hectic around here.
My mom went home yesterday,
the house is a mess, I haven't cleaned or organized anything in 6 weeks,
the laundry is piled to the ceiling (well, not quite),
the bathrooms have to be cleaned,
Josh is coughing himself half to death and his first school formal is tonight, which really sucks,
I have to go get flowers for the "date", since "Mr. Barky von Schnauzer" (have you seen that ad on TV?) has been too sick to do it himself,
and I have things to return to the store before it's too late.

Don't worry, I'll survive. Just send some organizational thoughts this way please...


  1. I love your lime!! Congratulations to Pat and Penny!! Since I am the owner of an Anina ‘original’ (pin-cushion), projects are quick and easy to do!
    Good luck with cleaning the mess, thoughts are on the way!

  2. May I suggest Martha's very timely "6 Simple Steps?" Her email came to my box this morning. I had a good laugh trying to apply her sensible oragnizational suggestions to my reality...
    I am afraid my organizational thoughts would only hinder you, but I do sympathize!

  3. Mr. Barky von Schnauzer... dogs do deserve easier names than that. I love the lime, very pretty contrasting fabrics - cool & refreshing. Congrats to your winners, I don't think I entered, but now wish I did.

  4. I love the lime! Is that a block or a mini quilt or what? It'll look great with orange.

  5. I know what you mean, keeping organized and tidy is sooo hard when you let it get out of control. :( Good luck.

  6. I'll trade chaos with you for a day! and with travel time we would get most of a day off. :)

    the lime is fantastic.

  7. The lime is making me drool! :)

    Good luck with your chaos.

  8. Too late for me to post... but wanted to wish you a belated Happy 200versary!