Friday, March 1, 2019

Temperature Quilt - Week 8 & 9 - and other distractions

Firstly, I've heard that some quilters using Weather Underground are having trouble with their temperatures. I originally started using it because with the government shutdown at the beginning of the year, the NOAA site was down. Weather Underground uses data from a lot of backyard weather stations and these can be unreliable because people don't necessarily post every day. I still recommend the NOAA site, although they're sometimes a day or two behind. If you're using Weather Underground, be sure to use an "official" weather station like an airport.

Because of a fun ski trip to Colorado (Crested Butte is the cutest town!), I am now way behind on my blocks.

In order to catch up, I have to make two blocks a day. I've decided that I will make the current block and the oldest unmade block every day. Of course, I completely skipped Wednesday because of yet another distraction (did I mention my middle name is "Squirrel!"?) and had to make 4 blocks on Thursday.

This is the "Ozella Shawl" by Berniolie's Designs. I've made two other shawls using her patterns. They're very impressive to look at, but quite easy to make.

Here are my blocks for this week (and last week):

I'd give my back teeth for a tiny bit of yellow...

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