Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Little Storage Binder

I have had a couple of questions about the little binder in the photo in yesterday's post.

I love that little binder.
I received it as a gift from Brenda (the Dear Jane lady) a couple of years ago.

The little "ziplocked" pockets are 8.5" x 5" in size and perfect for little projects like my 1/2" hexies.
(The poppy is my inspiration picture for the little challenge quilt.)

So, you want to know where Brenda found this little binder?

Bass Pro Shops.  That's where!
It's a little worm/tackle binder.

I looked around on their web site and I think mine is the large bag here: $11.99!
If this was a "quilting accessory" it would probably cost $29.99 at least.
I hadn't seen the double bag until I started scouring the web site and I think I may need one.

After Brenda sent me the little binder, I did buy myself a bigger one.  This one. It has bigger zip bags (7.5" x 9") and more storage for scissors, thread and such but only has one handle which makes it kind of hard to carry.
(You want the "Finesse" bag, not the "Extreme".)

If you hop over to Bass Pro Shops, tell them I sent you. Maybe I'll get commission...
Yeah right!

Off to go order the double bag now, since I have the page open and all.

Edited: OMG! Search for "hard tackle boxes". I think I need this.


  1. I'm all about repurposing things meant for one hobby to use for quilting! If I wasn't able to find cute, cheap bobbin cases, I'm sure I'd have ended up in the fishing aisle, too!

    My most recent repurpose is little hair clips - I saw someone in a blog mention that they found "quilting clips" to use for holding binding on until you sew it, instead of pins - and I thought "Hey, those are hair clips!" so I got 24 of them for less than $5, when I'm sure quilting ones would've been much pricier! :)

  2. Those are SEW cool! I don't know that I could leave mine with a fish on it though.. It would certainly need a iron on flower or something to replace that fish..

  3. I love your "fishing" bag. I have 2fishing tackle boxes that I found at Walmart for $5.00. It looks like a breafcase and is see through plastic. I use one as a first aid kit and one for my 1 inch hexi's. All my suplies fit great and there is a ton of removable deviders to play with.

  4. Love it!!! I think I'll ask my Dad for one for Christmas. He is a bass fisherman, and it will kill him!!! Then, after his recovery, he'll think it's funny!!!

  5. I love it when items can be used for other things than what they're designed for. I'm putting it on my Christmas list.

  6. LOL! Yes, one must snap these up fast before the quilt supply shop catch on and mark 'em up to that $29.99 or more.... It still bothers me the price I have to pay for quality safety pins and what used to be hair clips just to baste and bind my quilts! :-)

  7. LOL! That's awesome! I may have to put that on my Christmas wish list.