Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Winners and a resolution

I finally picked the winners for the 30's charm pack giveaway!

Kim, who said 'Love the Storybook VIII flowers, any color but my favorite is red!'

Paul, who said 'My favorite is Tick Tack Toe from Recess by American Jane for Moda'

Jackie, who said 'Love the ToyboxII bunnies & dots. My two favorite things bunnies and dots.'

Robyn, who said 'I like the happy flower dance, because it is really fun to say, happy flower dance.'

As for the resolution.
I'm destashing a bit and was taking photos of stuff for my Etsy store yesterday.  Looking at how pathetic they are (and how bad my photos have become in general), I had a flashback to the days when I took really lovely photos with a "real" camera.
I think it's time to dust off the old SLR...
Blueberry muffinsLemons 'n Limes
Fresh Fruit TartTree Peony Flower
Johnny Jump UpsPosy Pincushions


  1. Yay! I can see my name up there (doing a happy dance!) thank you!

  2. I'm doing the Happy Dance too! I already have plans for a baby quit with the charm pack. Love the peony picture. My peony's have been beat to the ground with all the storms we have had so they have been cut off and brought inside.

  3. love the quilt--love the flowers--lovet he pink pin cushions! happy day!

  4. What beautiful flowers! Is there a way to sign up to follow your blog via email?