Monday, May 23, 2011

Spring Street

Every so often I make something I love. That makes me smile. That reminds me why I love to sew.
This is one of them.
Doesn't it look right at home on the chair with all the other "happy projects"?

I made this little pillow a while ago, but I knew I wanted to write instructions to share and that took a while.
The fabric is "Spring Street" by Carolyn Gavin for P&B Textiles. The focus fabric contains many little scenes but I wanted to make a rectangular pillow, which is why I chose this particular one.

I had lots of fun quilting little details.(Excuse the photo quality. Natural light is still kind of iffy around here.)

You can find a free pattern, including fabric requirements over here in the "Free Patterns" section in the store.
Or, if you don't feel like figuring it out yourself, I did make up a couple of kits, which contain everything but the pillow form.

(I will announce the winners of the giveaway tomorrow. I got a little carried away by the pillow this morning.)

Oh and the flower in yesterday's post was supposed to be a camellia. I don't think it matters though.  As long as it's pretty.


  1. looks like a "happy" chair to me!

  2. That seat looks so inviting and pretty. I adore your new cushion and you would swear you had handcut all the little pieces.

  3. Such a cute, cheerful cushion! Love the colors and the pattern :)
    Thanks a lot for sharing the pattern!!

    Best wishes,

  4. I love this collection... I'd just ordered some before I saw your post! Great minds :)

  5. That IS a happy pillow! Very cute-- and I love the quilted details. :)

  6. Thank you for sharing it with us! It's so pretty! I made one for my little girl. It's not as perfect as yours since I'm just a beginner, but I like it.
    Thanks so much!
    You can see it here: