Thursday, April 1, 2010

Spider Webs

These blocks are for the SewConnected 3 quilting bee, but I think I'm addicted.
Just one more thing to add the to list...
SewConnected3 - March

SewConnected 3 - March

(I will announce the winner of yesterday's giveaway tomorrow. I still have to "tally the votes".)

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  1. Love those blocks Anina and the Hope Valley fabrics stand out wonderfully with the grey solid!

  2. Anina, Those are great! Did you use a Tutorial from somewhere or a pattern? I may be tempted to try as well.

  3. These spider web blocks are so lovely. I think the coal fabric really looks cool in the center, surrounded by what looks like Hope Valley fabrics - perfect together. They look like there's a lot of piecing - are they time-consuming to make?

  4. I LOVE that you didn't use white muslin. I'm so sick of that look. The gray makes it look so elegant.

  5. Looking at this is evil! I love grey and this block is now something I have to make. Please share the secret of this block. Thank you!

  6. Love these blocks especially the gray center!

  7. I absolutely love the grey center. Such a different look from the white, black, chocolate it's grey. oh, yea.