Monday, April 19, 2010

Pinwheel Party Week 8

Right on time this week.

Block 8:

Pinwheel Party Block 8

Download the pattern here. (You will need Adobe Reader. You can download it at
Links to all the previous blocks can be found in the sidebar.

The Pinwheel Party pattern is now available for purchase on Craftsy and Etsy.

(If you want to get a head start on th
e sashing & border, you're going to need twenty-four 2"(finished) pinwheels. That means you will have to cut your squares 1 7/8". You will need at least 3 of each color. Directionality will be as in Block 8. Details will follow in Week 13.)
Happy Sewing!


  1. This is my third try at leaving a comment -- I really thought I'd succeeded the last time.

    My math says we need 4 2" pinwheels of each color. Of course, my math always gives me twice as much binding strip as I need, well, maybe not always ...

    Anyway, again, thanks for being there, I'm loving this adventure. ethel

  2. Thank you for Week 8. The more blocks I make, the more I'm loving my soon-to-be quilt!

  3. I have last weeks blocks as C1 - but this one seems to be C1 too!

  4. I love how the quilt is coming together! I’m happy with the fabric choices and I will patiently wait for your binding instructions!

    Thanks again Anina!

  5. I guess you meant cutting the quares to 2 7/8" for the sashing/border pinwheels? Just to be sure :o) This will be such a great quilt!

  6. I figured it out, I misunderstood. i thought the HST were going to be 2", but it is the pinwheel block. Sorry :o)

  7. These blue and purple fabrics look stunning together with black in between!

  8. Whew, those tiny sashing pinwheels are tough! It's good I got an early start on them... I'm not sure I can do more than 1 color per day.