Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Block Party

I can't begin to describe how wonderful it is to be sewing "freely" again. No more pillow covers, no more runners. Just my sewing machine and I free to do as we please.

I had some catching up to do yesterday.

Virtual Quilting Bee blocks.
For Alicia:
Virtual Quilting Bee - November
For Morgan:
Virtual Quilting Bee - October
And a "secret" block, the destination of which I can't divulge.
Quilt Block

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  1. Love them all! Isn't it great to have one on one time with your sewing machine?? I just love that bonding time!

  2. hurray for free sewing! that's a good thing. :) I had to catch up on my blocks as well. it's a good thing that we are taking december off of VQB, isn't it?

  3. I am working on something similar. Did you have a difficult time with the blocks shrinking as you sew the block around? I am working on courthouse steps pattern each strip is 1.5 with .25 seam allowance, but my finished block should be 7" and is short by approximately .5 after each "round" of strips. Any suggestions? Thanks, slp.acp@gmail.com

  4. LOVE THE BLOCK!! Thank you, thank you!!!