Tuesday, July 15, 2008

I'm not doing nothing

In other words, I've been doing something. Mainly pre-vacation stuff like...
...making a grooming appointment for the dog
...double checking what needs to be done before she can be boarded
...rearranging guitar lessons to make up for the 3 to be missed
...finding a cat sitter
...finding a swim suit (AWFUL!)
...making an appointment to have my hair cut

On top of this I've also done many trips "across the bridge" into Seattle to drop Josh off at the UW for his summer camp. See that "Last Polar Bear" thingie at the top of their web site? The camp has to do with global warming and its effects on us. We saw the exhibit on Sunday and the photos are unbelievable.
Fortunately we now have the bus schedules worked out and I'm enjoying the benefits of having a 15-year old who can get himself to and from places. Woohoo!

I'm also in the process of deciding on the classes I want to take at the Houston Quilt Festival in October. I'm SO excited about this. Is anyone else going?

And I've been working on my setting blocks for the star quilt-along.

See? I'm NOT doing nothing.


  1. I'm not doing "nothin" either...b/c I am leaving in a couple of weeks for Costa Ricca...yea...dogs groomings need to be arranged...thanks for the reminder! Along with getting the house ready for the house-sitter, packing, last minute things to buy...a boat load of sunscreen to buy...OH! and a couple more swimsuits to try on...YES...major OUCH! and YUCK! So...what did I do today?? Ummm I spent the afternoon at JO'Ann's buying more things (on sale of course)...for projects I need to complete....that I KNOW darn good and well won't get done before I leave...yes!!!...I've been procrastinating...big time.

    Have fun doing "nothin"...and double fun...when you head out for the vacation.


  2. lol that was me sunday. I'm officially on "vacation" until the 20th! (I'm attending a Partylite conference in St Louis).

    hey are you going to check out the nw quilt festival when it rolls through town?

  3. You sound like you have a lot going on! Its a shame its always so frantic before a holiday.

    I love the red and white blocks in progress there - looking forward to seeing them finished.

  4. That’s why I never go on a holiday... the pre-holiday stress.. too much for me.. LOL!

    I would love to see the Quilt Festival in October. Guess I just wait to see all the pictures you’re going to make!

    Love your setting blocks!

  5. Cute setting blocks! I need to get mine finished. And catch up on the blocks. I'm envious of your trip to the Quilt Festival!

  6. at least you are getting in a little quilting time in while you trudge through your pre-vacation chores. :) your setting blocks look fabulous.

  7. love love love the polka dot fabric here! Can you please tell me what it is?