Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Snowed in!

By Seattle standards, that is. I have about 6" of snow in my back yard. (This photo was taken earlier this morning.)
A perfect day for quilting!
Quilting on a Snow Day

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Suzan said...

My best friend lives in Normandy Park and said they had about 8" so far. He told me the weather service said saying it might be as much as 15" before it ends!

karenfae said...

so pretty! I have not had any snow here in Arkansas so far this winter - some cold days but mostly warmer than normal.

QuiltNut Creations said...

Send it back North lol. I'm about 3 hours north of you and we've been snowed in since Monday; it's been great!

Happy quilting.

Miriam said...

Love your snow photograph! It has been over 85 for the last couple of days here!

Rusty said...

I heard you are going to get some more too - it even made our national news in the UK this evening.
Stay warm:)

Robin said...

It has definitely been an excellent week for quilting around here! Ugh. I'm so done with snow! :P