Friday, September 4, 2020

Leaves in the Forest Quilt Along - Tips for Block 2

In Block 1, all the triangles were right triangles with a 90 degree corner and 2 equal sides, which made using strips for piecing very simple.

Block 2 is a little different. When there are triangles with one corner greater than 90 degrees (obtuse triangles), I have found that cutting a fabric rectangle is the most efficient.

So, for the colored fabrics, we will cut 3" x 7" rectangles.

The above photo shows the last colored section but they would all be sewn the same way.

The background triangles still have a 90 degree corner but the sides are different lengths. To piece these, we will be using different fabric strips for the odd and even sides. It may sound a little strange but will make sense once you do it.

Fold the pattern back along the line between section 7 and section 8 and trim the seam allowance roughly.

Lay a 4.5" fabric strip right side up and lay the block on top, right sides together. Remember to check that you have 1/4" of background fabric all around the triangle.

Sew, trim, and press the seam.

Repeat for section 9, this time using another strip with a straight edge or the other end of the same strip.

If you used the same strip, it will now look like this.

When you sew the next background sections, you will see that one end will "fit" but the other won't. 
Block 2a!
This is all very hard to explain in words so please let me know if anything doesn't make sense.

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