Tuesday, September 1, 2020

Leaves in the Forest Quilt Along - Continued

We ended the last post here:

Let's continue.

The next section is section 3, which will be in your background color.

We'll be using the 2.5" fabric strip we used for section 2.  It will now have a diagonal edge because of the way you trimmed section 2. Lay it right side up.

Fold the pattern along the seam line between section 1 and section 3. Place it on top of the fabric strip as below, aligning the diagonal edge on your block with the diagonal edge of the fabric.  Once again, be sure to leave enough seam allowance at the top and bottom. The blue lines are the edge of section 3.

Open the pattern back up and slide it under the sewing machine. Sew the seam between section 1 and section 3.

Fold the pattern along the seam line again and trim the seam allowance to 1/4".
When you open everything back up it should look like this:
Press as below.

At this point you know where section 3 ends, so you can trim it roughly. Fold the pattern as below and trim the seam a little larger than 1/4". I just trim it without a ruler.  We'll be doing exact trimming when we get there.

3 sections sewn! In the next post we'll sew section 4 and from there on we'll just repeat all the steps until the last seam.

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