Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Last Minute Penguin Project

As people started posting their completed projects for the year, I decided to go back and look at mine. I knew it couldn't be good - it's been a year full of other events, like moving halfway across the country - but I didn't realize I had been this unproductive in the quilting arena.
Three completions. THREE!

One cannot compile a photo collage with three photos, so I figured I could whip up a fourth quickly using an orphan block. Since the mini quilt wall I started about a week ago (photo coming soon) is looking pretty bare too, this little quilt can serve two purposes.

Little Penguin
The block is the "Little Penguin" paper pieced block available in my Craftsy store.
I'm making a mini quilt but I think this would be a very cute pillow cover too. It just happens to be 16" x 16". And I just happen to have another block...

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  1. Awww! Cute penguin! You definitely have had a LOT going on this year. I'm impressed with three! :) Happy New Year!