Monday, November 7, 2011

Back from Houston

I'll be sharing photos soon. In the mean time, this is what I spent every spare moment in Houston working on.  Because I've become an expert procrastinator.

It's a challenge quilt for my local quilt guild's show this weekend. And it was due yesterday.
The inspiration is supposed to be the "Red Poppy" painting by Georgia o'Keeffe. Not sure how successful that was.

Please excuse the poor photo quality and the magnets. It's dreary outside and the only white surface I could find with some decent-ish light was the refrigerator.


  1. Oh, Wow! I really like what you did with the open spaces and hanging beads. :)

  2. Love the addition of the beading... I like doing funkey things with the hex's...
    I look at them like beads and use some beading patterns for quilts...

  3. Fun! I love the beading you've added in the open spaces-- such a cool effect! I really hope I can make it to the show this weekend!

  4. Love the hanging beads in the empty spaces. Adds pizzaz to your quilt.

  5. love the added beads too-- the color combination is totally fun.

  6. This definitely works! Love it.