Sunday, August 30, 2009

And the winner is...


Only two people named all the fabrics correctly.
There was a little headscratcher thrown in there that could not be found in the store.

Here are the answers from top to bottom:
1. Park Slope Flower Field Orange by Erin McMorris for Free Spirit
2. Bella Solids Robin's Egg Blue 9900 85 from Moda
3. Pillow Fight Aqua from the Kids Toile collection by Michael Miller
4. Chicks On A Whim from Robert Kaufman Fabrics
5. Laguna Daisy - Punch from Timeless Treasures
6. Bijoux Swirly Buds - Cinnamon by Heather Bailey for Free Spirit
7. Bijoux Tiled Primrose - Gold by Heather Bailey Free Spirit
8. Ribbon Flower - Sunflower from the Katie Jump Rope collection by Denyse Schmidt for Free Spirit
9. Confetti Dots - Yellow from the Fanciful Felines collection by Clothworks
10. Nature's Chorus Dots - ecru by April Cornell for Moda
11. Woodland Bloom Misty - Sprout by Lila Tueller for Moda
12. Bijoux Tiled Primrose - Rose by Heather Bailey for Free Spirit
13. Bijoux Swirly Buds - Lime by Heather Bailey for Free Spirit
14. the tricky one: Meditteranean Tile from the Jasmine collection by Pamela Mostek for Clothworks
15. Splish Splash Diamonds - Fuschia by Me & My Sister Designs for Moda


  1. YIPPEE!!!!! Thank you so much!!! I only got the head scratcher because I had bought some recently. I had to look at my receipt for the name. :P

  2. Congrats Sarah. Would love to see what you do with these lively fabrics.

  3. Congrats to you Sarah! THAT's the one that I found and then turned around and lost the link. *sigh* LOL!

  4. Congratulations to Sarah! That was a HARD challenge. Does she get a Queen Quilter title as well???

  5. Oh thank heavens I finally have a name to put to my mystery fabric!

    That was fun.

  6. Congrats to Sarah... well done... I sure did have a good look for that head scratcher... dreamt about it even... well done on a super challenge.
    X X

  7. OMG! I wasn't here for the announcement of the contest, but I can't believe people actually guessed all of those correctly! Wow!

  8. Well done to the 2 winners.

    I'm chuffed that I got all bar the mystery fabric right!!

  9. woohoo to Sarah! I saw her this week and she was sooo excited (well I would be too!)

  10. Well done Sarah!!! Excellent win! That tricky one is actually the only one I DO have in my stash! LOL