Monday, March 2, 2009

Geese in the Forest Month 2

Yes, time flies, doesn't it?

Block 2 is called "Friendly Flock". Why? Because you have to make 27 of them and I thought it would help to think of them as amicable geese.
GITF BOM Block 2 - Friendly Flock
Find the pattern here. (It's a PDF file, so you'll need Adobe Reader to open it.)
The .PDF file for Block 1's pattern is now available in the store for $1.

You can find all the details regarding this Block of the Month over here.

Now I'm off go sew my Flock of 54!


  1. 27!!! Definitely need to think of them as friendly geese!

  2. You are so silly!! I'm sure glad they are friendly geese!!

    Thanks for putting up the new pattern, I enjoy paper piecing these and am going to love thiw quilt.

  3. GRUMBLE, @*$$&%(

    I meant THIS quilt!!
    (Darned fingers!)

  4. 27, 27, I Can do it. I usually get board after 6 of the same blocks. I've got to stay positive. I guess 1 or 2 a day for the next month, but 27!


  5. oops that's bored

  6. Yeah, block 2. Now this week's agenda get started on block one....LOL!

  7. Wow I just added up all the combo's I needed for my version and got 27!, then showed up to read the post! Better get started on these early so they can get done this month! Good thing I'm not doing 2 of these like you!

  8. thanks for the new block. (this is another thing i'm now behind on.) :)

  9. Wow, 27. Now, how many days in March? That's like a goose a day.

  10. O'Boy I guess I need to get at and get Block ONE
    done. lol

  11. i really am going to start...i vow not to get three months behind.

  12. I tried to purchase block one but the store says item not found :(

  13. this seems like a great project - I should move a flying geese quilt farther up on my to-do list...

  14. Hi,
    As I saw the quilt the first time, I even thought - that quilt you have to do.
    And so I run to my next shop to buy some great fabrics.
    I will do this quilt in the coloured version.
    But I saw it to late to get the first block. So I took a sight to the whole foto and painted the block as I saw that this must be right.
    Yesterday I started the blocks and I've done three of them.
    It will be a great quilt from you and I'm looking forward about the next blocks. Even if I have to do my 5 from the first and 25 from the second one.
    You can see the first on my blog
    sorry about my english, but it's a long time ago since I've learned it

  15. Well, I did it! I really did all 27 blocks!. If ound that I could do 4 in an hour, so after getting my son to bed, I knocked out 4 at a time. Now I am thinking how many will be in APRIL'S BLOCK?