Friday, March 10, 2023

New Projects for 2023

 I signed up for a couple of BOMs this year, actually in 2022. I also may have started a couple of other new projects...

This is how I circumvented my self-imposed rule of not starting any new projects in 2023. Clever right?

The first one is "The Secret Garden" by Sarah Fielke.

The colors and fabrics I chose are completely out of my comfort zone, but I love it!

I also actually purchased some fabric for this project, which I haven't done in YEARS!

Next up is The Quilt Show's 2023 BOM, called Homeward Bound. This was also designed by Sarah Fielke.

Thirdly there is this, a wool applique quilt called "Autumn" from Midway Wool. I will only be working on this one about once a month, so it will take more than one year, for sure.
I only have one completed block as of right now but isn't it cute?

Last, but not least, is "Martha Washington's Finest" By Lori Smith.

I'm not sure when I'll actually get to my other UFOs but quilting is all about having fun and I'm REALLY enjoying what I'm doing right now.

What are you up to this year?


  1. So much beautiful applique! Wow!

  2. Beautiful BOM's Anina! My first steps in the world of appliqué were made while making That Quilt, so you have been my first teacher in appliqué!