Friday, August 4, 2017

Still here...and fabric organization

OMG! A blog post!
I tried using my iPad to post but Blogger doesn't seem to have an IOS app. Let me know if I'm wrong. I'm contemplating migrating the blog to Wordpress.

Anyhow, in the mean time I'm trying to get a hold on my personal fabric stash. I don't have a whole lot since I have a store full of bolts to choose from and I feel guilty buying fabric, but that will hopefully change in the (fairly) near future.
It's more about being pro-active. I'll be saving some yardage of my favorite fabrics in the store before it all sells out. And I'll probably be saving my scraps more religiously since I won't be getting fabric at wholesale prices any more.

I've divided my fabric into 3 categories:
A. Yardage - more than 1/2 yard
B. Smaller pieces between around 1/4 yard and 1/2 yard
C. Anything smaller than 1/4 yard

I've always mostly had control of B.

I fold the fabric around the short side of my 6" x 12" ruler and two rows fit neatly in these 15 quart Sterilite bins I got at Target.
I've had them for years and they still have them, which is a minor miracle since usually, when I want a couple more of a specific tote, they've changed the design.

All color coded!

In my next post I'll talk about my organization choices for the little scraps and the big pieces.

Oh, and all 30's Reproduction fabrics are 30% OFF for the next week!

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  1. Hello. Yes I can't blog on blogger from my iPad and I haven't been blogging because of it. I'm considering doing it from my websitebut it's all about time. I love your organisation.