Friday, November 25, 2016

Super Quick Ironing Table Cover

This past week I bought myself an early Christmas gift. Isn't she the prettiest thing?

I unpacked her and was ready to start ironing but just couldn't bring myself to even put her down on this:
This morning I quickly made a replacement cover for the ironing table. Here's how:

Cut a piece of fabric 3" bigger on all sides than your ironing table/board. (These instructions are for a square or rectangular ironing surface.)

Mine is 20" x 40", so I cut the fabric 26" x 46".

Fold over a 2" triangle on each corner and press. Then fold all edges over 1/2" and another 1/2".
Sew all around close to the edge.
Cut a piece of elastic half the circumference of the ironing surface, in my case 60".
Using a safety pin, string the elastic through the pocket you created and pin or sew together the ends. I just pin them because I reuse the elastic every time I make a new cover.
Carefully pull the cover onto the ironing board.  My board just sits loose on a metal shelving unit from Target.
It's not pretty, but it works:
And there we go. So much better! And really pink!
(And it only took 15 minutes.)

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  1. This is awesome. I have been wanting an ironing station like this. Does the board slip when ironing due to its not being secured down?