Thursday, August 11, 2016

Bullet Journal: Yes or No

WARNING: Non-quilty post!

You may have seen a lot of posts about Bullet Journals popping up all over social media (and even real media).
If you don't know what I'm talking about, just search Bullet Journal on Pinterest or #bulletjournal on Instagram. The official website is
It is basically an analog way to organize your life, plan, journal, and pretty much whatever else you would like to put in there. The idea is to have it all in one place and easy to find.

(I'm going to have to do several posts on this topic because, if you're attention span is as short as mine, I'm probably already losing you.)

Reasons I think this may work for me:
1. I already kind of do this. Just not in quite as organized a fashion. I have multiple notebooks for different things (see photo above) and, truth be told, most them are rarely looked at.
2. I'm a list person. I love lists. I love structure in my life.
3. I LOVE stationery. I know it's weird but I also know I'm not the only person who cannot resist a stationery store.

Soooo...I decided to give it a shot. I already knew that I wanted to tweak the original idea a little.
(I'm writing this post assuming you already know the principles of bullet journaling. If not, I suggest watching the video on their website first.)

Three days ago, I grabbed a cheap composition book and got going. It's not ideal but I wasn't about to spend $20+ on a journal/notebook and messing it up.

I'm going to start off by focusing mainly on the daily/weekly log. I like to see my whole week at a glance. Here's my messy first version:
See why I didn't want to start off in a pricey journal?

In my next post I'll share my small notebook vs. large notebook dilemma.


  1. This looks great to me! I thought about starting one too, but am sure mine wouldn't be as neat as the ones on Pinterest. I think it would be better for it to be useful than neat though.

  2. I started bullet journalling in March and it's made a big difference for me, keeps me more focused on what I need to be doing. Seeing tasks written down on paper is better (for me) than trying to keep track of them in my head. I've changed my lay out every month and, by now, I am just about happy with what I came up with. The only downside: I discovered leather journals and fountain pens (again).

    1. I'm trying out different things right now. I'm left handed, so (un)fortunately fountain pens are not an option.

  3. I've been considering bullet journaling lately. I'm excited to see your system.